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Kā aktivizēt viena mēneša bezmaksas izmēģinājumu?

To activate for a FREE MONTH, all you need to do is insert the Carista adapter into the car’s OBD2 connector and use the Carista app to access the “Configurations” or “Diagnostics” menu.


You have to purchase a license to access features as: Customization, Advanced Service and to perform diagnostics on all ECU units. You must first enter your credit card information and choose one of three options:


  • Monthly subscription (9.99 euros).
  • Three month subscription (19.99 euros).
  • One-year subscription (49.99 euros), which includes a free month.

Choose the option that suits you, all the options provided by the app will be available for a month and will give you full access to all supported car features. Initially, only the amount will be blocked on the card, and if you wish to cancel it within 30 days (you can still use the configurations and full diagnostics for that month), the full amount will be refunded.


If you do not cancel within 30 days, the annual subscription will begin after this period and the license will eventually be valid for 13 months.


During this period, you can perform diagnostics using the Carista program – all electrical modules, not only in the engine controller, but also: AirBag, air conditioner, lights, mirrors, windows, etc. You will also be able to enable / disable individual functions: DRL, Coming home / Leaving home lighting, beeps, external / internal lighting, electronic parking brake release for changing brake pads, etc.


At the end of the free month, the subscription starts automatically and is deducted from the price of the one-year license, so if you don’t want to buy it for a year, be sure to cancel before the end of the free month.


Here’s how to unsubscribe within 30 days: